All scooters/bikes must be returned in the same condition in which they were received. The renter is responsible for scratches, dents, loss of keys, loss of helmet, damage to upholstery, loss of scooters/bikes. The scooters/bikes will be rented out in roadworthy condition. The renter is responsible for observing the roadworthy condition of the vehicle throughout the rental period. Should there be any defects/malfunctions that result in the scooter/bike becoming unroadworthy the renter is responsible for reporting to "Saffrica Scooter Hire" via telephonic call or SMS. "Saffrica Scooter Hire" will not be responsible for accidents/injury that resulted from the client not observing the scooters/bikes.


We require the following documentation from you:
1. Copy of ID (SA or International)
2. Copy of scooter/bike license (SA or International)

COLLECTION AND RETURN The renter shall take collection of the scooters/bikes at the "Saffrica Scooter Hire" renting point. "Saffrica Scooter Hire" will keep record of any damage on the paintwork, seats and tyres. The scooter/bike will be inspected on return, any new damages will be recorded and the cost of the repairs will be the responsibility of the renter. Saffrica Scooter Hire reserves the right to a 24 hour window period to check the scooters/bikes for damage. The client will then be notified of the charges and the amount will be deducted from the account. The vehicle shall be returned to "Saffrica Saffrica Hire" renting point.


All pick-ups and drop-offs will be charged from R 50 – R 150. Confirmation of the exact amount will be made depending on the area in which the shuttle will take place.


All late returns will be charged at R 50/hour.
All vehicles are the responsibility of the renter during the rental period. The renter is held fully responsible to personally return the vehicle, unless otherwise arranged with the sales team and put into writing. Any scooters/bikes abandoned or unreturned outside of Cape Town will be liable for the full deposit amount.


If during the rental period;
- the scooters/bikes are involved in any accident or collision or is lost or the scooters/bikes or any part of the scooters/bikes are stolen, the renter shall safe guard the interest of the owner at all times.
- Notify "Saffrica Scooter Hire" immediately and no later than 4 hours
- Obtain the name(s) and addresses of everyone involved and possible witnesses
- Not admit any responsibility / Liability not release any party from liability (potential liability) nor settle any claim (potential claim) against / by any party not accept a disclaimer of liability.
- Within 24 hours of the occurrence in question, he/she shall complete and furnish to the owner, a full report on loss / damage / accident.
- the renter shall fully co-operate with the owner and his insurance.


A breach of contract occurs but is not limited when;
The scooters/bikes are driven by any person not listed as and additional driver on the original contact. The scooters/bikes (at the time of damage / incident) were driven by any persons whose blood alcohol concentration exceeded the limit (0.02%) permitted by the law or whilst under the influence of intoxicating liquor or a narcotic drug. If the contract at any time during the rental period is breached; the client will lose the full deposit on the scooters/bikes.


- Call outs due to lost keys will be charged at R250. The cost of new key is dependent on the type of scooter/bike.
- Unnecessary call out fees: From R150
- The renter is responsible for fines / traffic offenses and will be liable for R 100 administration fee per fine / traffic offense.
- The renter will be responsible if he mistakenly puts the wrong fuel in a scooter/bike. (Will be charged the cost of draining and replacement)
- Renter will be responsible for any extras that have been hired helmets etc – damage to these extras will be charged at replacement value and incurred costs to replace equipment.